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Poker Lingo
Poker has its own language just like any other game below are a few of the common ones you will come across online or when playing.


Big Slick Ace King
Little Slick Ace Queen
Bullets Aces
Trips Three of a kind.
Wheel Straight A,2,3,4,5
Family Pot When all of the players call before the flop.
Button The token that indicates who is the dealer for that hand.
Small Blind A compulsory bet normally by the player left of the dealer.
Big Blind A compulsory bet normally by the player left of the small blind and twice its value.
Kicker A card not making a pair that decides between to otherwise matched hands.
Cowboys A pair of kings.
Fish An inexperienced player who normally plays every possible hand frequently continuing to bet when the chances of winning are slim to nonexistent.
Rock A very conservative and thus predicable player who plays only the best hands. If they raise on the river then unless you have something pretty dam special fold!
Nuts The best hand it is possible to make.
Flop The first three community card dealt face up at the same time.
Turn The forth community card dealt face up on it own. This is some times called Forth Street.
River The fifth and final community card dealt face up on its own. This card is also know as Fifth Street.
Call Too equal the existing bets without raising.
Showdown When all remaining plays show their cards and the person with the highest hand wins, if a bet has no callers there will be no show down.
Bad Beat Used to describe when a person is beat with a hand that it would seem at the outset had very little chance of winning against there top fight hand.


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